What we do:

JVLD is a small landscape architecture and home design firm that designs signature interior and exterior space but with a special twist: we not only design it, but we sell it too! How many architects, landscape architects or salesman have the skillset to not only design your customer’s addition or poolscape but close the sale for you (the contractor)…exclusively? Most designers put their designs out to bid or they take forever to put the plans together. To get the kind of control over this process usually requires hiring someone fulltime, and if they’re good, it’ll cost you. Then you have to worry about keeping them busy, and in tough times, that can be a real challenge.

Enter: JVLD.

We offer the small to medium landscape contractor or home renovation/addition contractor the ability to have an ‘in-house’ designer that actually knows how to design (not just sell). We have professional design credentials, a staff that can produce professional CAD drawings, 3D renderings and salesmanship that can discerningly upsell and close on your behalf. All without any risk…period. You never pay JVLD until we close the sale for you, no overhead expense, the project itself, pays our fee. Your client gets the value of professional design skills. You get the value of elevated perception in the marketplace. Instead of running out to see Mrs. Jones on that new project, let us do the sales call and you can stay at the helm of your business!

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